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Objects and Methods : Distribution Canal : User Methods : Evaporation from Storage
Evaporation from Storage
The Evaporation from Storage category is only available if a method is selected in the Canal Storage category. While this method is used to model evaporation from storage, the storage calculation is not affected by evaporation. Instead, evaporation is accounted for in the Outflow calculation.
* None
This is the default method. It performs no calculations.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Input Evaporation
Slots Specific to This Method
 Evaporation from Storage
Type: Periodic Slot
Units: flow
Description: The volume of evaporation per unit time
Information: This periodic slot should be set up so that there is a non-zero (positive) value only on the dates where there will be a non-zero (positive) storage.
I/O: Required input
Method Details 
When the Input Evaporation method is selected, the Outflow calculation changes as follows:
If there is a non-zero (positive) value for Evaporation from Storage when the Storage is zero, a warning is posted.
The Evaporation from Storage is also considered when routing requests upstream.
Note:  Neither Evaporation from Storage nor any other gain/loss components affect the Storage directly. The Storage slot changes only when there is a non-zero value in the Change in Storage Per Timestep slot. All gain/loss terms are handled in the Outflow calculation.
Revised: 01/11/2023