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Canal Storage
This category is used to track canal storage.
* None
This is the default method. It performs no calculations.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Input Change in Storage
This method allows you to input the change in storage as a function of time. In this way, you can control the fill and drain dates, as well as how quickly the canal fills or drains.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Change in Storage Per Timestep
Type: Periodic Slot
Units: volume
Description: The user-specified change in storage that should take place per timestep.
Information: This slot is used in the Outflow calculation and the Storage calculation. You specify when the canal starts filling/draining and the amount by which the canal is filled/drained per timestep. A positive value means the canal is filling and a negative value means the canal is draining.
I/O: Required input
 Calculated Change In Storage
Type: Series Slot
Units: volume
Description: The value compute for change in storage from the Change In Storage Per Timestep periodic slot.
Information: Usually this slot just shows the change in storage value retrieved/calculated from the periodic slot. However, if a value is input on this slot, it will be used to compute Storage instead of the Change in Storage Per Timestep slot.
I/O: Output; optional input
Type: Series
Units: volume
Description: The amount of storage in the canal
Information: This slot is solved for based on the Change in Storage Per Timestep
I/O: Output
Method Details  
When the Input Change in Storage method is selected, the Storage slot is computed and the Outflow calculation changes as follows:
The Change in Storage is also considered when routing requests upstream.
Note:  When routing requests upstream, the Routed Delivery Request is always zero for timesteps where the canal is draining. In other words, if the canal is draining, there can be no downstream or delivery requests routed upstream.
Note:  If a value is input on the Calculated Change In Storage slot, it is used instead of the value determined from the Change in Storage Per Timestep periodic slot.
Revised: 01/11/2023