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Canal Max Capacity
The Canal Max Capacity category is used to limit the amount of flow at the top of the Distribution Canal element. This category simply turns the application of maximum capacity on and off.
* None
This method does not limit the flow through the canal. It performs no calculations.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Input Max Capacity
This method limits the flow into the top of the canal to a user specified amount. Any flow that exceeds the Maximum Capacity is spilled from the canal.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Canal Spillover
Type: SeriesSlot
Units: FLOW
Description: flow spilled from the canal because the maximum capacity was exceeded.
Information: Any inflow into the canal that exceeds the maximum capacity will be placed in the slot, and the maximum capacity of the canal will then be routed.
I/O: Output only
 Maximum Capacity
Type: ScalarSlot
Units: FLOW
Description: maximum amount of flow that can enter the upstream end of the canal
I/O: Required input
Method Details 
When flow is being routed downstream, Canal Spillover is calculated as follows (if Inflow is greater than Maximum Capacity).
The Maximum Capacity is then routed downstream.
When the requests are being routed upstream, this method ensures that the requests do not exceed the Maximum Capacity.
Revised: 01/11/2023