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Objects and Methods : Confluence : User Methods : Confluence Solution Direction
Confluence Solution Direction
This method category is used to specify the direction the Confluence solves (downstream given the two inflows or upstream given the outflow and one inflow). For basic Simulation runs this does not make a difference and the default method should remain selected. However, in Rulebased Simulation the user may need to limit the Confluence to downstream solution only.
* Solve Upstream or Downstream
This is the default method and should remain selected for basic Simulation. There are no slots or calculations specific to this method. It simply allows all dispatch methods to be active.
* Solve Downstream Only
This method may need to be selected in Rulebased Simulations where the Confluence can solve in the downstream direction only. When this method is selected, only the Solve given Inflow1, Inflow2 dispatch method is selected.
Revised: 01/11/2023