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Smoothing Releases
This category appears only if the Operating Level Balancing method is selected in the Flood Control category.
Note:  This method category and its methods exist for convenience of algorithm development, and they may not be available in the future.
The Operating Level Balancing method applies heuristic schemes (Allowable Falling Release Change, Allowable Rising Release Change, and Maximum Release Variation) designed to smooth the reservoirs’ release graphs, as described above, by limiting the change in release from one timestep to the next, or by assuming a stepped-down hydrograph with a given change at each timestep.
The releases considered at each timestep may include: the so-far-computed flood control release, the surcharge release, the flood control minimum release and the through release. Through release refers to water released from upstream reservoirs that flows through a downstream tandem reservoir. This water is the through release of the tandem. The through releases can be considered among, or excluded from, the set of releases used in the smoothing heuristics. Through releases are ultimately folded into the flood control releases, but at the time of the smoothing operations, they are not yet folded in.
Note:  This method exists for the purpose of approximating SUPER results.
* Consider Flood Control and Surcharge Only
This is the default method.
Do not consider through releases (or any other releases that might be added with future development).
When checking for empty space at a control point (applying Max Release Variation), do not consider surcharge or through releases if the method selection for Pass Behavior is Undo and Recompute Max Release.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Consider All
Consider all releases that have been computed for this reservoir at the time the smoothing operation is applied.
If the method selection for Pass Behavior is Undo and Recompute Max Release, this method selection has no effect on the smoothing operation using Max Release Variation (trim) when checking for empty space at control points. When running with Undo and Recompute Max Release, only flood control releases are considered for smoothing purposes at control points.
There are no slots specific to this method.
Revised: 01/11/2023