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Objects and Methods : Computational Subbasin : User Methods : Modify Inputs to Two-reservoir Midpoint
Modify Inputs to Two-reservoir Midpoint
This category appears only if the Two-reservoir Midpoint method is selected in the Tandem Balancing category. This method category allows the user to modify the behavior of the Two-Reservoir Midpoint method to more closely mimic SUPER. The Two-Reservoir Midpoint method, as described above, takes into account the volume of tandem storage that has already been scheduled to be stored in the upstream reservoir by a reservoir upstream of it (this could have happened if the more upstream of the two were “fuller” and therefore processed first). The SUPER algorithm does not take this volume into account, so RiverWare offers this category so the user can select whether to mimic SUPER or to use the Two-Reservoir Midpoint method. See Two-Reservoir Midpoint for details.
The two methods in this category are described below.
Note:  This category exists for the purpose of approximating SUPER results.
* Omit Tandem Storage from Upstream Reservoir
This is the default method.
SUPER does not include tandem storage in the upstream reservoir for the purpose of computing the starting storage of the upstream reservoir. Tandem storage is considered in the downstream reservoir.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* None
Include tandem storage in both reservoirs.
There are no slots specific to this method.
Revised: 01/11/2023