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Objects and Methods : Bifurcation : User Methods : Bifurcation Outflow
Bifurcation Outflow
This method category allows you to specify the number of destinations to which outflow can be sent.
* Two Outflows
The Two Outflows method is the default method. The Outflow1 and Outflow2 slots are specific to the Two Outflows method. No calculations are actually performed by this user method. It dictates that the object can dispatch with the following methods only: Solve given Outflow1, Outflow2; Solve given Inflow, Outflow2; or Solve given Inflow, Outflow1.
Slots Specific to This Method
Type: AggSeriesSlot
Units: Flow
Description: outflow from one side of the bifurcation
I/O: Optional: can be input, set via rules, set by propagation across a link, or calculated
Type: AggSeriesSlot
Units: Flow
Description: outflow from the other side of the bifurcation
I/O: Optional: can be input, set via rules, set by propagation across a link, or calculated
* Fractionally Split Outflows
Fractionally Split Outflows splits the Outflow to two or more destinations. The following slots are specific to this method:
• Split Outflows. This slot is a noComputeMultislot that allows you to split outflows to multiple destinations. Each of the multiple outflows is represented by a subslot in the Split Outflows multislot. A subslot is created automatically each time the Split Outflows slot is linked to a destination object.
• Outflow Fractions Table. This slot contains one column per subslot on the Split Outflows multislot. Each column contains the fraction multiplier dictating what fraction of the total outflow goes to each destination.
The number of outflows solved for depends on the number of links you have specified from the Split Outflows noComputeMultislot to destination objects.
The multiple outflows are calculated as follows.
where i is the column of the Outflow Fractions Table. The first column on the Split Outflows multislot is the multislot itself and is not one of the subslots. It is set as the sum of all the subslot values; therefore, it should be equal to the total outflow from the Bifurcation object. The following slots are instantiated when this method is selected.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Outflow Fractions Table
Type: TableSlot
Units: Fraction
Description: a table giving the proportion of outflow going to each Split Outflows subslot.
Information: The values in this slot should add up to 1.0. For example, if there are two columns and the inflow is split evenly, 0.5 would go into one column and 0.5 would go into the second column. The table will have the same number of columns as the number of links to the Inflow multislot. The columns are automatically added and named whenever a link is added to the Split Outflows noComputeMultislot.
I/O: Required Input
 Split Outflows
Type: NoComputeMultislot
Units: Flow
Description: the multiple (or split) outflows based on the Outflow Fractions Table.
Information: The subslots of this multislot contain the multiple outflows. A subslot is created when the user links this slot to a destination object.
I/O: Output only
Revised: 01/11/2023