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Objects and Methods : Aquifer : User Methods : Flow from Downstream
Flow from Downstream
These methods control how flows into the aquifer are represented from the downstream direction.
* No Flow
No flows enter the Aquifer from downstream. This is the default method in this category
* Compute Flow using Heads
This method computes the Flow from Downstream based on the difference in previous computational timestep heads and the conductance.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Flow from Downstream
Type: Series
Units: Flow
Description: The flow that occurs into this Aquifer from the downstream object, usually another Aquifer
Information: For this method, the slot will have values only at the computational timestep. Positive values indicate flow into this Aquifer.
I/O: Output only
 Conductance Downstream
Type: Scalar
Units: AreaPerTime
Description: The conductance from the downstream object to this Aquifer.
Information: The Conductance Downstream must be the same as the linked object’s Conductance Upstream.
I/O: Required Input
 Head Downstream Previous
Type: Series
Units: Length
Description: The head of the downstream object from the previous computational timestep.
Information: This slot will have values only at the computational timestep.
I/O: Output only
Method Details 
At run start the object will check if:
If so, an error is issued at run start. These two slots must be the same or water will be lost or gained between the two objects.
This method computes the flow into the Aquifer from the downstream:
Note:  This equation is applied at the computational timestep.
Revised: 01/11/2023