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User Interface : Window Management : Font and Text Size
Font and Text Size
Change the font, size and style used for menus, lists and other text from the Windows and then Set Application Font menu. These font settings persist between sessions as a user-level setting.
Warning:  Be careful in choosing a font that is readable. If you choose a symbol or other unusual font, you may have a hard time getting back to the controls. As a last resort to fix an unreadable font, edit the registry using the regedit program. Look for the entry in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, cadswes, riverware, WorkspaceGUI, ApplicationFont. The original default is MS Shell Dlg 2.
Following are limitations with this feature:
• The font setting does not affect the following:
– Workspace canvas text (i.e. object names). Canvas fonts can be changed from the workspace canvas properties; see Canvas Properties for details.
– Existing SCTs. Fonts on the SCT can be changed in the SCT Configuration menu; see Configure and select the SCT font in System Control Table (SCT) for details. New SCTs will inherit the font specified for the windows and dialogs.
– RiverWare Policy Language expressions. Fonts for RPL expressions can be configured from the RPL Layout Editor; see Colors in RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) for details.
• Various fonts seem to work well in RiverWare if they are reasonably sized but some dialog boxes don't display extreme-sized fonts.
Revised: 07/05/2022