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User Interface : Subbasins : Computational Subbasin
Computational Subbasin
The Computational Subbasin supports computations that involve more than one object, so-called “global” solutions, though they need not encompass the entire network. A Computational Subbasin is created through the same dialogs as other typed subbasins, but it, like simulation objects, contains slots and other attributes that you can inspect and change, by “opening” the subbasin. To open a computational subbasin from the main workspace use the Workspace, then Open Computational Subbasin and select the desired basin from the list. To open a computational subbasin from the subbasin manager, select the subbasin, then select the Open button or double-click the subbasin name. Computational subbasins contain no general slots; all slots are dependent on user-selectable methods. See User Methods in Objects and Methods for details on the available methods and their slots.
Revised: 07/05/2022