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User Interface : Subbasins : Selecting Objects Belonging to a Subbasin
Selecting Objects Belonging to a Subbasin
From the Object menu, you can also choose to Select Objects on Workspace. This option will highlight and select the object on the workspace. Double-click an object in the subbasin manager to open the object directly. The right-click context menus have the following options:
• Select Objects on Workspace. Select the object on the workspace. No scrolling is performed.
• Select Objects and Show Workspace. Select the objects, then brings the workspace to the front of the screen. No scrolling is performed.
• Scroll to Object on the workspace. Scroll the workspace the selected objects.
Similarly, with a subbasin selected, use the Subbasin, then Select Member Objects on Workspace menu to select all of the objects on the workspace for the selected subbasin or selection. In addition, if you double-click a subbasin in the manager, it will select all the objects on the workspace.
Revised: 07/05/2022