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User Interface : Subbasins : Adding and Removing Subbasin Members
Adding and Removing Subbasin Members
Objects are added to the subbasin through either the Subbasin menu or the right-click context menu. There are two general methods to add objects to an existing subbasin. Highlight the desired subbasin on the User Defined tab, then taking one of the following actions:
• Select Subbasin, then Append Objects using the Object Selector or right-click Append Objects with Object Selector to open the Selector dialog. You can use filtering or other tools on the selector to choose the desired objects.
• Highlighting the object on the workspace, then select either Subbasin, then Append Objects from Workspace Selection or Subbasin, then Replace Objects from Workspace Selection.
Note:  These options are only available if the subbasin is selected on the subbasin manager, not the objects in the subbasin.
Objects and entire subbasins are removed from the Subbasin Manager by highlighting them and selecting the Remove button on the bottom of the subbasin manager dialog (or through the right-click context menu). Objects and subbasin can be moved up or down in the list using the appropriate buttons. In addition, subbasins can be sorted by selecting any of the column headings: Subbasin, Cnt or Type. To return to the previous custom order, user the Restore Custom Order button. Computational subbasins can be opened by highlighting the subbasin then selecting the Open button or double-clicking the subbasin name. On other subbasins, if you double-click a subbasin, it will toggle the tree-view displaying the objects. If at any time in the Subbasin Manager you wish to close all the tree-views of the objects, select the Hide Objects button.
Aggregate objects (Aggregate Reach and Aggregate Diversion Site) have special behavior because their elements are objects themselves.
• When an aggregate object is added to a subbasin using a workspace selection, then all elements are also added to the subbasin. Any new elements will be automatically added to that subbasin. But if an element is removed from the subbasin, it is not automatically added back when the model is saved and loaded (as happened in previous versions of RiverWare). Also, once an element is removed, any new elements will not be automatically added to the subbasin.
• When the object selector is used to add objects to a subbasin, aggregate elements are only added to the subbasin if they are explicitly selected. Then, adding new elements to the aggregate will not automatically add them to the subbasin.
Revised: 07/05/2022