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There are two types of wildcards that can be used in the selector dialogs: wildcards in filters and using wildcards on whole selections. In each of the filters, the user can type in “*” to replace a portion of the text. For example, in an object name filter, typing Lake* in the Object Name field will display only those objects that begin with “Lake” thereby displaying Lake Mead and Lake Powell. By default, a * exists in the Object Name field and all objects will be displayed.
The second type of filter occurs in certain types of slot selections including DMI Name Maps and Database DMI’s slot selections. A Wildcard checkbox exists at the bottom of the slot selector. The wildcard indicate that every item matching the filters (i.e. the items shown) should be selected. When the Wildcard checkbox is checked, the selection buttons (All, Invert, etc) are removed and each of the displayed items are selected. This operation is useful in Name Maps/Database DMI’s as the selection becomes dynamic. For example, if you use a filter to show all slots named Pool Elevation, then specify that you want to wildcard the whole selection. you can then import/export all slots named Pool Elevation. If you then add a reservoir to the model, the new reservoir’s Pool Elevation slot will then be part of the selection because of the wildcard and imported/exported as defined.
Revised: 07/05/2022