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User Interface : Run Control : Aborted Run
Aborted Run
If a run cannot continue because of errors, a RiverWare Notice window will be shown and error messages will be posted to the diagnostic output window; see Diagnostic Output Window in Debugging and Analysis for details. The user has the following options from the confirmation window:
• Time Scroll. Scroll all time-scrollable windows to the context time. The user can select to scroll all time windows, like the Open Slot dialog, SCTs and the Plot window to this date. This saves the user time when debugging the model.
• Cancel. Close the dialog, but do not Time Scroll.
• Do not show this notice again. Request that the dialog not be shown again. If this box is selected, then subsequent aborts will use the same selection (Time Scroll or Cancel) and the dialog will not be shown. This applies only to the current RiverWare session.
Revised: 07/05/2022