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Locking Models
If more than one user is working on a model, then you may want to lock the model when open to prevent others from simultaneously changing the file. To do this, use the File, then Lock Model when Open menu item and then save the model. Then a lock file is created in the same directory as the model. This lock file is also created when the model is opened.
The person who first opens the model is notified that they have locked the model file, which prevents write access by other instances of RiverWare. The lock file is in the same directory path as the model file and has the name of the model plus the .lock extension. When the model is closed, the lock file is automatically removed.
If the model is opened when a lock file already exists, the user is notified that the model file is locked by another instance of RiverWare. The time the lock file was created and the owner of the lock file is shown if that information is available from the system. Then, the model is in a state where the Save functionality is disabled. But, you can still make changes within the opened model and Save As a different name.
Revised: 07/05/2022