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Apply custom colors to timestep values
Use this procedure to manually highlight selected cells with custom colors. You can save these highlights as part of the SCT.
Note:  Before using this procedure, you must create and label custom colors to use; see Define custom colors for highlights and threshold alerts for instructions.
Note:  Custom SCT colors can be applied manually to any set of selected cells, but value alerts have precedence over manually assigned colors; see Configuring Threshold Alerts for details.
1. In the SCT, go to the Series Slots tab.
2. Select the cells you want to highlight.
3. Right-click, and in the shortcut menu, select Apply Custom Colors, then select the desired user-defined color.
The colors are applied to the text and background as specified in the definition.
Note:  When SCT cells are selected, the foreground and background colors of the numeric portion of the cells are reversed, so initially, the colors appear reversed. Move the cursor to another area of the screen to view the selected colors.
Note:  The cell / custom color associations are stored in the SCT, not in the RiverWare model. So the SCT must be saved to retain these color associations.
Note:  When cells are highlighted with custom colors, the custom text and background colors are used instead of the standard value flag colors. You can hover over a cell to display a tooltip showing the flag information and custom color label or threshold alert interval name.
4. If you want to save the highlights, you must save the SCT.
5. To clear the custom colors, select the cells again.
Note:  To clear all custom cell colors for one or more slots on the SCT, select the slot name header to select all the cells for that slot.
6. Right-click, and in the shortcut menu, select Apply Custom Colors, then Clear.
The selected cells are returned to the colors associated with the series flag.
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Revised: 07/05/2022