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System Control Table (SCT) : Using the SCT : Manipulating Slot Values : Guidelines for manipulating slot values
Guidelines for manipulating slot values
Following are important considerations when manipulating slot values in the SCT.
• You do not need to unlock the SCT to manipulate slot values.
• The SCT is just a window into the model, and all values are stored in the model itself. You must save the model to preserve the new values.
• The new value is not applied until you press Return, Enter or click elsewhere on the desktop. To cancel an edit, press Escape.
• When you enter a numeric value, the cell type is set to Input (I) regardless of the original type. The exception to this is Target (T) type cells, which retain that type after the new value is applied.
• If you enter “n” or “NaN” (in any combination of upper- and lower-case), the cell value is cleared and the cell type is set to Output (O).
• In aggregated view, editing the value of a summary cell applies the edits to all timesteps in the aggregation interval.
• Undo and redo of slot value editing is available from the Edit menu and Ctrl+Z for undo and Ctrl+Shift+Z for redo.
• You cannot edit certain types of slots, including expression slots and certain accounting system slots. These slots are read only, which is indicated by crosshatching in a user-defined Read-only color.
• If you want expression slots to evaluate after you enter a new value, the Auto-Evaluate Expression Slots on Edits option must be enabled. See Configure cell value editing options for details.
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Revised: 07/05/2022