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SCT Configuration
The SCT configuration includes the settings that can be saved and reloaded as part of an SCT. These settings allow you to customize the format, or look and feel, of each SCT, as well as the content displayed.
• SCT format settings include the following:
– Axis orientation
– Text and cell background colors and flag colors
– Display fonts
– Buttons and flags included in the SCT toolbar
– Specifications for displaying missing data
– Aggregation functions for multiple timesteps
• SCT content settings include the following:
– Lists of included slots
– Slot labels
– Threshold value color alerts for each slot
– Aggregation functions for each slot
– Object and slot ordering on the Object Grid tab
You can define and apply a default SCT configuration, which serves as the base configuration. The default configuration is automatically applied to all new SCTs and can be applied manually to any SCT. See Using the Default SCT Configurations for details.
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Revised: 07/05/2022