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RiverWISE User Roles
There are two distinct roles for using RiverWISE.
Model developer
RiverWare user who builds a river system model, develops a baseline scenario, and selects important input variables that could reasonably be modified in exploring alternative scenarios. This user is typically knowledgeable about RiverWare and the model exported to RiverWISE.
The model developer selects the slots to be visible in RiverWISE as inputs that can be changed and slot results that can be viewed and analyzed. Using a utility in RiverWare, this user exports the model into a special WISE file (*.wise), which can be opened in RiverWISE.
The model developer communicates with CADSWES and stakeholders to facilitate stakeholder licenses. The developer will provide CADSWES with the name, organization, and email of each stakeholder. Then CADSWES will communicate with the stakeholders to obtain license information and provide the license. See licensing and installation instructions at the following location.
User who wants to view results of the RiverWare model and explore alternative scenarios. This user may not have any prior experience with RiverWare or the model.
Stakeholders use RiverWISE to open a WISE file provided by a model developer, view results, change values of the designated input variables, execute the simulation and compare resulting output values. This user may create several scenarios, save them, and send them to others.
Revised: 06/04/2022