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About the Database DMI
The Database DMI provides a direct connection between RiverWare and an external database. Databases currently supported are the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center Data Storage System (DSS), the Hydrologic Database (HDB), and Microsoft Excel.
Following are the slot types that can be read or written by each type of DMI:
• The DSS interface supports series data and paired data (Table Slots with two columns).
• The HDB interface supports series slot data.
• The Excel interface support series, periodic, table, and scalar data.
• The Web Service interface supports import of series slot data from the following web services:
– HDB web service
– CWMS RADAR web service
– USGS Daily Values web service
– CDSS Surface Water Time Series - Day web service
This section presents an overview of the Database DMI, then presents details on creating database DMIs, datasets, name maps, and sharing database DMIs.
Revised: 06/04/2022