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RiverSMART Help : What’s New in Version 8.3 : Synchronized Versions with RiverWare
Synchronized Versions with RiverWare
Beginning with release 8.0, RiverSMART and RiverWare release version numbers are synchronized, and RiverSMART requires the same version of RiverWare. For example, RiverSMART 8.2 requires RiverWare 8.2; the patch levels may differ.
To support this requirement, the RiverWare batch mode command “RiverSMARTVersion <major>.<minor>” was added to RiverSMART. RiverSMART adds the command to the batch script that configures the RiverWare model file for a scenario; if the RiverWare version does not match, the command fails with a meaningful error message. This eliminates the possibility of errors caused by version mismatches, which can be difficult for a user to understand.
Revised: 08/02/2021