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RiverSMART Help : Prior Release Notes : Release Notes RiverSMART 1.8
Release Notes RiverSMART 1.8
The DMI Sequence event has been added. It’s used when a study has sets of initial conditions for simulating scenarios which are named sequentially. (For example, Excel workbooks sheets or file system folders named “Set1”, “Set2”, etc.) A single DMI Sequence event is the functional equivalent of a DMI event for each set of initial conditions. The DMI Sequence event supports Excel and control file / executable DMIs.
Each RiverSMART release requires the RiverWare version used in a study to be a certain version (or later). For example, RiverSMART 1.8 requires RiverWare 7.2.2 (or later). Previously, if RiverWare wasn’t a compatible version simulations would fail with no indication of why they failed. RiverSMART now adds the RequireVersion batch mode command to batch script it creates to execute RiverWare so if there is a version mismatch users will be presented with a meaningful error message.
Bug Fixes
Table 1.5  Issues addressed
RiverSMART didn’t create scenario folders if the RiverWare event didn’t have any linked RDF, CSV or NetCDF output files.
Revised: 08/02/2021