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Release Notes RiverSMART 1.10
The generate scenarios dialog is much improved, with the following enhancements:
• The scenario inputs (hydrologies, demands, etc.) are shown in columns with column headers identifying the inputs.
• The top level tree items indicate whether there are inactive scenarios, for example:
> 16 Scenarios will be removed (including 8 inactive Scenarios). A checkbox controls whether inactive scenarios are displayed; if they are, they’re displayed in “grayed out” text to indicate their status.
• Highlights indicate why a scenario was added (green background), removed (red background) or invalidated (red foreground).
• The scenario simulation status is displayed.
• Invalid scenarios have a checkbox which enables users to preserve scenario simulation status.
The generate, organize, simulate and post-process scenario dialog geometry (location and size) persist. The options dialog enables users to reset the geometries to their defaults.
The DMI Sequence Event enables users to specify the number of digits used when formatting input names. This enables inputs to sort in a natural order, for example Trace09 before Trace10 (rather than Trace10 before Trace9).
Bug Fixes
Table 1.2  Issues addressed
RiverSMART assertion failure when sorting scenarios
RiverSMART Workspace validation errors are not displayed.
RiverSMART Closing log file viewer dialog crashes
RiverSMART When regenerating scenarios inactive scenarios aren’t displayed
RiverSMART not updating scenarios
RiverSMART Scenario counts are incorrect
RiverSMART crashes when there are multiple model events
Shouldn’t RiverSMART through a validation error when the RiverWare event does not point to a valid executable?
Revised: 08/02/2021