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Release Notes RiverSMART 8.1
Continue After Stop
In RiverWare 8.1, the concurrent MRM run feature has been enhanced to allow you to configure how many traces can stop before the entire multiple run stops. This is useful when you are debugging, or when you are able to backfill results for the stopped traces after the multiple run finishes.
This setting in the RiverWare MRM configuration is also supported in a RiverSMART run, and an orange “partial success” state is displayed in the scenario simulation status.
Selective Inclusion in Package Files
The Save Simulation Package Files dialog box now allows you to select which folders and files are archived in the package file. The dialog box displays a tree view from which you can select the folders and files to include.
Previously, the entire contents of the Study Folder were included, even if some folders or files were not necessary for simulating the scenarios. Depending on the study, this could result in the archival of a significant volume of unnecessary folders and files, increasing the time to create and upload the package files.
Post-simulation Script Execution for Notifications
In the Options dialog box, you can now specify Windows batch files (.bat) and executable files (.exe) to run at the following stages of a simulation:
• After each scenario simulates
• After a scenario simulates successfully
• After a scenario simulates unsuccessfully
• After all scenarios have simulated
This enhancement allows you to run a script that notifies you about the status of simulations or performs other user-defined activities. Additionally, you can configure RiverSMART to stop simulating scenarios if a script fails or the executable returns an error (non-zero) status.
Save File Per MRM Trace
The RiverWare MRM Event now allows you to configure the event to automatically save the model after each simulation run, as follows:
• Successful Runs—save the model after runs that complete successfully.
• Unsuccessful Runs—save the model after runs that stop unsuccessfully.
• All Runs—save the model after both successful and unsuccessful runs.
In addition, you can specify the folder and naming convention for the saved files.
An improved context-sensitive Help system has been implemented.
Bug Fixes
Table 1.1  Issues addressed in RiverSMART 8.1
Issue Number
RiverSMART assertion failure clearing workspace with a scenario dialog open.
RiverSMART assertion failure when simulating scenarios.
RiverSMART crashes when closing the scenario set dialog.
Revised: 08/02/2021