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CSV Combiner Event
The CSV Combiner event takes multiple CSV files and combines them into a single CSV file. Input is in the form of scenario sets, allowing you to combine data from all scenarios in a scenario set into a single CSV file. The first field in each line of the combined file identifies the scenario name.
To set up the CSV Combiner, on the RiverSMART workspace, add a CSV Combiner event, and then link the CSV file icons to the event as input or output.
The input CSV files do not all need to include the same columns, as named in the file header line. If a column is not included in an input file, or if a line in the input file has no value for the column, the combined file includes the column with a blank. For example:
CSV Combiner Configuration Dialog Box
This dialog box opens when you open a CSV Combiner event on the RiverSMART workspace.
Enter a user-defined unique name for the CSV Combiner event.
Scenario Set
Lists all scenario sets defined for the study in the Scenario Set Manager.
Select the check boxes of the scenario sets for which you want to combine CSV files. When the CSV Combiner is executed, an output CSV file is generated for the scenarios in each selected scenario set. Each CSV file is added to a subfolder of the ScenarioSet\ folder named with the scenario set name.
Revised: 08/02/2021