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File Association
The RiverWare File Type Association Manager is used to specify the executable programs used for viewing and editing documents of the four supported format types (HTML, PDF, Word, or Text). The file paths are stored with the user's settings. It is accessible in the following ways:
• The RPL editor View, then External Documentation, then File Type Associations menu
• The workspace Utilities, then File Type Associations menu
• The Utilities, then File Type Associations Manager from the Configure External Document Reference dialog.
Each file format has a distinct Edit and View mode program association. This allows the user to edit with one program and view with another. Only the document formats that the user wishes to use need to be specified. The others can be left as the default or left blank.
Executable file paths can be edited (including pasting from the system clipboard) by double-clicking an item within the Executable column or can be picked with a File Selector by selecting the folder icon. All of the executable file paths can be set to the default executable associated with the user's account using the Settings, then Set Default Executables menu operation. Changes can either be saved (by selecting OK or Apply) or dropped (by selecting Restore or Cancel).
The PDF View item is set to the path associated with PDF files, is non-editable, and is shown with a gray background. This is the same path used to locate the pdf reader for RiverWare Help and other purposes. Do an internet search on “Windows file type association” for details on setting this association.
Currently, the Support anchors for Edit operations check box is not operable. When opening a RPL Object External Document for Editing, the anchor text (used to automatically scroll to a particular section within the document) is only supported for HTML. For all types, the name of the RPL Object name text is copied to the system clipboard and can be used to paste into the Search function within the editor or viewer program.
Revised: 08/02/2021