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The following changes have been made to RiverWare simulation objects.
Operating Level Storage Slots
To improve performance, three new slots were added to the methods in the Operating Levels and Surcharge Release categories. See Reservoir Operating Level Storage Slots for details.
Power Reservoirs
LCR Input Efficiency Slot
In the LCR Power method, the LCR Input Efficiency slot was changed from a standard Series Slot to a Series Slot with Periodic Input. This change allows the slot to be set as a periodic table or a series. Existing models will update automatically; no model changes are necessary. See LCR Power in Objects and Methods for more information.
Slope Power Reservoirs
The fix to issue RW‑6534 resolved a computation error affecting slope power reservoirs that use the Weighting Coefficients method in the Slope Storage Coefficients method category. See Weighting Coefficients Method Computation Error Fixed for details.
In addition, a potential issue was identified for slope power reservoirs that use the Weighting Coefficients method. See Weighting Coefficients Method Potential Error for NaN Values for details.
Revised: 08/02/2021