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Data Management Interface (DMI)
The following changes have been made to RiverWare DMI functionality.
Known Issue: Error reading DSS 7 format
An error condition in the DSS dataset import of some DSS 7 data was identified as a known issue. See DSS Dataset DMI Known Issue With DSS 7 for details.
Web Service Dataset
RiverWare 8.2 supports a new DMI dataset: the web service dataset. A web service dataset provides a connection to a website that serves the data in a specific format. The dataset creates the query URL and sends it to the website, which then accesses the data and returns it in the appropriate format. RiverWare then reads the data and imports it into the slots. Web service datasets support Input DMIs only.
The following web services are supported. Select the link for more information:
A sample web service using the USGS Daily Values option is shown in the following screenshot. In addition to this dialog box, the web service dataset uses name maps to map the name of the slot in RiverWare to the identifier and/or query information for the data on the web service. For example, for USGS data, the name map must include the USGS gage number and the parameter code.
See Web Service Datasets in Data Management Interface (DMI) for more information on the Web Service dataset.
Note:  The HDB and USGS Daily Values web service datasets require Open SSL to be installed on your computer. For instructions, see Open SSL Installation at:
Revised: 08/02/2021