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Water Quality
This section describes changes to Water Quality functionality.
The following three salinity items were addressed:
1. Mass Comparison Tolerance: To fix an issue where a slot was not being computed, a new mass based tolerance was introduced into the Reach and Agg Diversion Site salinity methods. This tolerance loosens the criteria for salt mass and concentration comparisons of two values, particularly near zero.
2. Negative Salt Mass Removal Requests: The Agg Diversion Site, Salt Mass Removal and Salt Mass Removal With Debt methods were modified to allow negative “Salt Mass Removal Request”. Previously a negative value was an error. Now, it is a warning.
3. Reach Min Salt Concentrations on Reach: The reach salt dispatch method, Solve Out Salt Given In Salt, was modified such that the Outflow Salt Concentration is computed to be between the Min and Max Concentration slots, if specified. Previously, it was only limited to be less than the Max Concentration. See Solve Out Salt Given In Salt in Water Quality for more information.
Total Dissolved Gas (TDG)
A new method was added to the Reach Water Quality Routing category: Time Lag TDG with Dispersion and Dissipation. The method routes TDG with three components: Lag Time, Dispersion and Dissipation. See Time Lag TDG with Dispersion and Dissipation in Water Quality for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021