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Data Management
This section describes changes to the Data Management Interface (DMI).
HDB Database DMI Connection
The HDB Database DMI connection was upgraded from Oracle 12c to Oracle 18c. With this upgrade, HDB connectivity requires either Oracle Client 18 or Oracle Instant Client 18. CADSWES tested with Oracle Client 18.0 and Oracle Instant Client 18.5.
Interface with Excel
When using the Read/Write the workbook directly setting for the Excel Dataset, empty cells no longer generate a warning in the DMI. An empty cell is acceptable for numeric and text values. In a numeric slot this is a NaN; in a text slot this is an empty string. In addition, the workbook can now be open while the DMI executes. As before, the DMI interacts with the saved Excel file, not the open version which may have changes.
Revised: 08/02/2021