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Script Management
This section describes changes to Script Management. Scripts allow you to organize and run sequences of actions. This allows you to automate many of the tasks involved in operating a model. See Script Management for more information.
New Script Actions
The following script actions were added:
• Open File: A new script action, “Open File”, was added to the list of available script actions. The Open File action includes a setting that opens a file selection dialog to locate and specify the file to open during script execution using the configured Microsoft Windows desktop application file association for the file extension. For example, a file with a .xlsx extension would be opened with Microsoft Excel. Files having no extension or an unrecognized extension will launch the Microsoft “Open With...” program selector during script execution. See Open File in Automation Tools for more information.
• Divider: A new script action, “Divider”, was added to the list of available script actions. Although it is in the action list, a divider does not contain or execute any operations during script execution. The sole purpose of the divider is to provide a visual script section header with configurable text and color on the script dashboard. See Divider in Automation Tools for more information.
Set Slot Value Settings
For the following set slot value actions, new settings were added to specify how the value will be specified:
The settings provide the ability to set a slot’s value to the value returned by a global RPL function. To be called during script execution, the function must return a numeric or datetime value and accept only a logical set of arguments, based on the action type.
Revised: 08/02/2021