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Model Reports
The Model Report is an output device that generates an HTML document describing the model and/or RPL set. The Model Report is flexible with respect to both the contents and appearance of the report, allowing you to configure both the information contained in the report and how that information is formatted. See Model Report in Output Utilities and Data Visualization for more information.
Two new report item settings were added as follows:
• List Rules in Order of Execution: A new setting, “List Rules in Order of Execution”, was added to the RPL Set and RPL Group items. If set to “Yes”, when the output includes rules that execute, they are listed in order of execution (agenda order), instead of first to last. This setting is useful for Rulebased Simulation and Initialization Rules Sets, which can be executed in “...3,2,1” order.
• Show Execution Properties: A new setting, “Show Execution Properties”, was added to the RPL Set, RPL Group, and RPL Rule/Goal items. If set to “Yes”, the output will include additional information related to execution, as appropriate. Specifically, this setting controls whether the following properties are shown: Index, Flag, Priority, and On (Yes/No). These properties correspond to columns of the RPL set editor, as applicable to the type of set.
See RPL Set in Output Utilities and Data Visualization for more information on these settings.
Revised: 08/02/2021