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Water Quality
This section describes changes to RiverWare Water Quality.
Reach Mass Balance Salinity
The Reach Mass Balance Salt methods were modified as follows:
• When Salt Storage is in use, the reach salinity dispatch methods were not redispatching with the correct previous timestep information. Now the reach redispatches when previous Salt Storage values change.
Note:  This fix could change model results for reaches where Salt Storage is in use and flows are small.
• On the Reach water quality methods, a new slot, Reach Diversion Salt Concentration Maximum, was added to the Mass Balance Salinity method. When not specified, the Diversion Salt Concentration is now computed to be the minimum of the Inflow Salt Concentration and the Diversion Salt Concentration Maximum.
• An incorrect error condition was stopping the run. This error check was refined.
See Mass Balance Salinity in Water Quality for more information on these methods.
Revised: 08/02/2021