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This section describes changes to RiverWare Accounting.
Additional Computational Subbasin Verification
In an accounting model that has a computational subbasin using the Prior Appropriation method, the first time the subbasin is used as part of the water rights solver, the objects and accounts are cloned. Now the verification methodology looks at each account in the subbasin and issues a warning if the following conditions are met for that account:
• The account water type is not the allocatable flow water type, and
• the account is a passthrough account, and
• the account has an inflow or outflow supply from a passthrough account whose water type is the allocatable flow water type.
When this is the case, a warning message is posted to diagnostics, as the object containing this account is not in the water rights computational subbasin but probably should be. If you see this message, consider modifying your subbasin membership to include this object.
Revised: 08/02/2021