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Data Management Interface
DSS Database Connectivity
The DSS server was upgraded from DSS-6 to DSS-7, but the server will still create files in DSS-6. The new server will be able to identify the version of the DSS file and then read / write existing files using their current format (DSS-6 or DSS-7).
DSS Database DMI—Table Slot Import
Within DSS Database DMIs, you can now import a table slot without discarding extra rows at the bottom of the table. A new Table Slot Data option was added to the DSS dataset configuration that specifies how tables should be resized:
• If Import and Resize is selected, a DSS DMI will import paired data as before, by resizing the table to match the imported table. (This is the default and existing datasets will have this selected.)
• If Import Available is selected, a DSS DMI will expand a table to accommodate the imported table but it won’t contract a table. This will leave any extra rows that are in the table.
HDB Performance
The HDB Database DMI performance was improved for datasets that write a large number of slots and a small number of values for each slot. The performance improvement consists of grouping slots together when sending them across a network. Grouping is on a per-dataset basis and it is only for writing. The dataset configuration has a new checkbox that is shown when a dataset can group slots. This performance improvement is very much data dependent, but in one example with 2000 slots and 1 value per slot, the changes would reduce the database accesses from 4,000 to 1.
Revised: 08/02/2021