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Script Management
New Action: Global Time Scroll
A new Global Time Scroll script action was added to set the date at which all time displays are scrolled. The setting allows a specified timestep or a symbolic DateTime. More information is available Global Time Scroll in Automation Tools.
Progress Indicators and Display of Actions
To make script execution more informative, the Script Dashboard has been enhanced to provide visual indicators of the currently executing action and the result of the action. .
In addition, sub-script actions (using the Execute Script action) are displayed indented under the calling script action. Progress indicators for subscript actions are the same as top level.
More information on the dashboard is provided Script Dashboard in Automation Tools
Slot Selections support wildcards
Many of the items that allow selection of objects, slots, or accounts were modified to allow wildcarding within the selection. The following script action types were modified:
Clear Scalar Slot Value
Set Method
Clear Table Slot Value
Set Scalar Slot Value
Create Snapshot
Set Series Slot Flags
Evaluate Expression Slots
Set Series Slot Values
Open Objects
Set Table Slot Value
Open Slots
Synchronize Objects
This change only impacts new script actions; the behavior of existing script actions is unaffected.
Revised: 08/02/2021