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Output Devices
Model Reports - Slot Selections Support Wildcards
Model Reports provide a way to export information about a RiverWare model or run results to an HTML file. See Model Report in Output Utilities and Data Visualization for information about this report item.
Many of the items that allow selection of objects, slots, or accounts were modified to allow wild-carding within the selection.
The following model report item types were modified:
• Slot Value Table
• Account Table
• Supply Table
This change only impacts editing of new script actions and new model report items; the behavior of existing model report items is unaffected.
Output Canvas - Flow Lines and Canvas Lines Shown on Workspace
The Output Canvas, described in Output Canvas in Output Utilities and Data Visualization, allows for visualization of outputs in spatially distributed teacups and flow lines. The following improvements have been added to the Output Canvas:
In RiverWare 7.1, settings were added to the Output Canvas to optionally show teacups, charts, and text on the geospatial and simulation views. In 7.2, now you can also see Canvas Lines and Flow Lines on the workspace views.
Models previously saved that displayed output canvas items on the workspace may look different when opened. Now, the workspace will automatically display Canvas Lines and Flow Lines from that canvas as well.
RDF Files - Improved Performance
Performance was improved when writing RDF output through MRM outputs, RDF File Output devices, and Excel Output devices. There is a reasonable improvement when writing to a local disk and a significant improvement when writing to network locations.
Revised: 08/02/2021