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Data Management Interface
DSS Database DMI Reliability
The DSS Database DMI was modified to improve processing of large data sets. Previously, a timeout could occur unexpectedly. This change makes the DSS DMI more reliable and robust.
Database DMI On/Off States
The Database DMI on/off status was improved as follows:
• Turning off a dataset causes its slot selections to be shown as off.
• Turning off all slot selections causes the dataset to be shown as off.
• The dataset is shown as a tristate (on, off, partially on) based on the state of its slot selections.
In addition, the on/off state is preserved in the model file when saved.
HDB Database DMI Importing Series Slot Notes
The HDB Database DMI was modified to ignore certain exceptions when importing metadata as Series Slot Notes. In addition, the utility now better recognizes missing metadata information.
Revised: 08/02/2021