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New Debugging Slots
Enhancements were made to the reservoir and computational subbasin objects for better debugging and usability of Flood Control methods. The enhancements include:
• Added a debugging slot on the reservoir object, Downstream Control Point Share, for reporting a reservoir’s share contribution at one or more downstream control points.
• Added a debugging slot, Forecasted Operating Levels, to the computational subbasin to show each reservoir object’s forecasted operating levels. Also a new default None method was added to the Priority Determination category so that the default method does not have this new slot as a dependency.
• Modified the reservoir object’s rating curve table to use elevation rather than storage as the lookup reference for a specified release. A new category, Rating Curve Modification, was added. This category is shown when Flat Top Surcharge is used. This category has the default None method and the new Specify Rating Curves using Elevation method. When this second method is selected, the new Rating Curves using Elevation slot is used to generate the Rating Curves slot (which shows Storage). The Rating Curves slot is also marked as having a source slot.
Revised: 08/02/2021