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Column Widths per sheet
When the SCT is shown with slots as rows and timesteps as columns (horizontal time), column widths are now preserved on a per-sheet basis. In addition, the following column width adjustment operations now operate on a per-sheet basis:
• Resize Columns: Set All to Selected Column Width
• Grow Columns: Fit Data
• Resize Columns: Fit Data
• Resize Columns: Fit All
For more information on these options, see Adjust column widths in System Control Table (SCT).
Font Specification
The default font choice in the SCT Configuration dialog's Font tab has been renamed to Workspace Font, and the effect of that choice has been simplified. When Workspace Font is selected, the SCT uses the font of the RiverWare Workspace (which is used also by most other parts of the RiverWare user interface). With this selection, any changes to the Workspace's font are immediately reflected in the SCT.
The font-related settings associated with SCT configurations include:
• Workspace Font
• The user-defined Font A
• The user-defined Font B
Go To Next NaN
A new menu item, Go to next NaN, now appears on the View menu. Go to next NaN navigates directly from one NaN value to the next through timesteps first then through the timesteps on subsequent slots. A new shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+N, also carries out the new Go to next NaN action.
Go To Menu improvements
The Go To menu on the SCT was improved to show a menu based on Series Slot Sheets (when available) instead of integer submenus. For more information, see Go to a series slot sheet in System Control Table (SCT).
Navigation at bottom of the Sheet
When entering values in a sequence of cells using the enter key, the navigation now stops at the final SCT timestep instead of wrapping around to the next series slot.
Show Sheet in New SCT
You can now “tear off” a Series Sheet to create a new SCT. This allows you to see multiple sheets at once. On the Series Slots tab, right-click on the sheet tab and choose Show Sheet in New SCT... For more information, see Create a new SCT from a series slot sheet in System Control Table (SCT).
Revised: 08/02/2021