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Water Quality
Pipe Junction
A new Pipe Junction Water Quality category was added. In the Propagate Salt method, the Pipe Junction methods behave like the confluence object in that it sums salt mass: Flow 1 Salt Mass + Flow 2 Salt Mass = Flow 3 Salt Mass. Salt concentrations are a flow weighted average. For more information, see Propagate Salt in Water Quality.
Water User
On the Water User, two methods were implemented for the new Salt Storage category:
• Soil Moisture Salt Storage (Soil Moisture Salt Storage in Water Quality)
• Soil Moisture Salt Storage with Supplemental Flow (Soil Moisture Salt with Supplemental Flow in Water Quality)
These methods model the diversion and return flow salt mass and concentration including the storage of salt mass in the soil moisture volume. They are the same except the latter also computes supplemental flow salt and adds it into the salt mass balance.
Revised: 08/02/2021