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Multiple Run Management
Input DMI Repeat Count
The MRM input DMI was limited to a maximum repeat count of 999. Now the maximum number of input DMI repetitions and number of traces is limited to 99,999.
Ordering of Slots in an RDF file
The order of slots in a RiverWare Data Format (RDF) output file now matches the order in the output control file.
Saved Distributed MRM Run Configurations
With distributed MRM, it is possible to save the configuration file RiverWare creates to a named file and then start distributed multiple runs from the configuration file, thus bypassing the RiverWare interface. This is controlled through the optional Save Distributed Run Configuration As field in the MRM configuration dialog. For more information, see Save Configuration As in Solution Approaches.
Configuration files saved with RiverWare 6.9.7 or earlier will not be compatible with RiverWare 7.0. You will need to regenerate the configuration file through the RiverWare interface.
Revised: 08/02/2021