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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that functionality has changed that requires you to update models or that results may differ. If you have any questions, contact:
• Input values on slots not in use: It is possible to change method selection such that input linked series slots are no longer “in use” on the object. The slots and data still exists on the object in case you wish to revert the method selection. Previously, the input values that were not in use would still propagate across the link and could be used by the linked object. This was misleading and has been changed. Now, if a slot is not in use, no propagation of input values will occur at beginning of run. This could change model results if you have inputs on slots that are not in use. If this is the case, modify method selection, change input location, or reconfigure your links.
• Slope Power Reservoir; Max Outflow computations changes: If you use either the Max Capacity flag on outflow or the GetMaxOutflowGiven... RPL functions on a Slope Power Reservoir, see the changes described Max Outflow Calculation on the Slope Power Reservoir.
• Reach; No Local Inflow, Solve Outflow method changes: On a Reach using the No Local Inflow, Solve Outflow method (in the Local Inflow and Solution Direction category), it was possible to specify or propagate an Outflow that was inconsistent with the lagged Inflow. This is now an error.
Revised: 08/02/2021