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RiverWare Policy Language
Initialization Rules - Setting Scalar Slots
Initialization Rules can now assign values to Scalar Slots along with Series Slots and Table Slots. The structure to set a scalar slot is: Object.ScalarSlot[ ] = <numeric expr>
Predefined Functions
The following RPL predefined functions were added:
More Info*
Returns the value for an ensemble keyword for the current run.
Returns the value for a trace keyword for the current trace executing in a run.
Returns the lower bound for the given slot
Returns the lower bound for the given slot and column
Returns the upper bound for the given slot
Returns the upper bound for the given slot and column
Returns true if and only if the current controller is Rulebased Simulation or Inline Rulebased Simulation and Accounting
Returns the optimal value as calculated during the last Optimization run for a given column and date of an aggregate series slot
* Links lead to the section in RPLPredefinedFunctions.pdf
The following predefined function names were modified. The previous names will continue to load and be supported, but new instances will use the new names:
• NetSubbasinDiversionRequirement
• SolveSubbasinDiversions
• ToCelsius
Predefined Function Documentation
The RPL predefined function help content is now shown within the RiverWare interface in the following dialogs:
• Predefined Function Editor dialog. (Below Right)
• RPL Palette, on the Predefined Functions tab. (Below Left)
• RPL Set Editor when Show Predefined Groups and Show Descriptions are checked.
RPL Parameters
The following parameter setting were removed as they no longer incur performance overhead.
• The Collect RPL Set Performance Information checkbox in the RPL Parameters dialog. RiverWare will now always collect performance information.
• The Enable Rules Model Run Analysis checkbox on the Rulebased Simulation Run Control settings. The Rules Model Run Analysis is always enabled.
Revised: 08/02/2021