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Multiple Run Management
HDB Ensembles
HDB Ensembles within MRM were improved as follows:
• Select Ensembles at MRM Start - A new option was added so that the ensemble id for an HDB ensemble dataset can be selected at the start of a multiple run instead of being pre-specified in the dataset's configuration.
• GetEnsembleTraceValue and GetEnsembleValue RPL Predefined Functions - These functions were added to query current ensemble and trace meta-data to get the meta-data value for a given meta-data keyword.This was implemented to work for ensemble meta-data information imported during multiple runs and also single runs.
• Creation of New Ensembles in HDB from RiverWare - This allows editing an existing ensemble or creating a new one when ensemble ids are chosen for HDB ensemble datasets, either during dataset configuration or when an MRM run is started.
• Agency ID as User-Selected Parameter - allows the user to optionally choose an agency id from HDB in an ensemble dataset configuration, and write that agency id to its ensemble when executed in an output ensemble DMI.
More information on HDB ensembles is provided Ensembles in Solution Approaches.
MRM Descriptors
Within MRM, new keyword/value descriptors can now be included. The descriptors are defined in the MRM configuration on the Description tab. There is now also an option to output the descriptors to both the CSV and netCDF output files from MRM. In CSV, descriptor keywords become column headers and descriptor values become the data value for the column. In netCDF, the descriptor keywords become the name of a global attribute in the file and the descriptor value becomes the value for the attribute.
For more information, see Description in Solution Approaches.
netCDF File Size Improvement
The NetCDF output file from multiple runs was changed from a netCDF4 file with two unlimited dimensions (time and traces) to a netCDF3 file with one unlimited dimension (time). In one example, this resulted in a dramatic reduction in the output file size (from 20 MB to 11 KB). For more information on netCDF output, see NetCDF Files in Solution Approaches.
Revised: 08/02/2021