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Script Management
For more information on Scripts, see Script Management in Automation Tools.
Changes to Existing Actions
Memo action
For the Memo action, a new setting, “Pause Execution” was added to control whether or not memo execution pauses script execution. A new setting, “Show Explanation in Dashboard”, was added to control whether or not the memo's explanation text is included with the memo name in the dashboard. The name of the setting “Show Explanation Dialog” was changed to “Show Memo Dialog”.
Set Method
The Set Method action was modified to operate on a selection of objects instead of a single objects. This allows you to set many objects’ methods with one action.
Save Model Action
A “Confirm Overwrite” setting was added to Save Model actions. If the value of this setting is true and the file already exists when the action is executed, the user is presented with a dialog and asked what they would like to do: replace the existing file, ignore the action, or abort script execution.
New Actions
The following actions were added to the script manager.
Reorder RPL Set
Reorder a RPL set according to the values defined in a Table Slot.
Enable RPL Item
Turn on or off a RPL item like a Rule, Goal, or a Policy Group.
Create Snapshot
Create a Snapshot of the specified slots and give it the specified name. Settings allow you to specify whether to overwrite existing snapshots.
User interface Changes
The following changes were made to the Script Manager, Editor, and Dashboard for usability:
• When editing check boxes, the change is applied when a click is made elsewhere.
• Improved combo-box editing of settings
• Script execution progress bars are not re-set when the script execution ends.
• Improved selection of output device settings.
• Making edits in the edit dialog is now disabled when the script is executing.
• On the Dashboard, menu actions were added to Enable All Actions and Disable All Actions.
• Vertical space was added between the actions in the script.
Improved Error and Warning handling
The following changes were made to improve errors that occur within an action:
• If an error occurs during script execution, the script halts execution.
• Execute DMI actions now deal with warnings from DMI invocation.
• Synchronize Objects/Slots actions now abort if the set of objects/slots is empty.
• Improved error reporting in batch execution was added (aborted execution was not reported as an error in diagnostics)
Revised: 08/02/2021