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Object Interface
Object Attributes
Object Attributes are user defined Object meta data that allow you to define an Attribute for one or more types of objects. You then define values and assign those value to specific objects. For example, you might have 300 water users in your system. With this functionality, you can define, for example, a “Sector” attribute and a “State” attribute. Then you can specify for each water user, its Sector, i.e. Municipal, Industrial, or Agricultural, and its State, i.e. “CO”, “NM”, “TX”, etc. Each Attribute and Value is user defined and customized, both the text that you use and which objects types and specific objects to which they apply.
Attributes are displayed on each Open Object dialog on a new Attributes tab (top image). You manage the model’s attributes through the Object Attribute Manager (middle image). You can view, assign and organize attributes on multiple objects using the Edit Attributes Dialog (bottom image).
Revised: 08/02/2021