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Data Management Interface
Reimplemented DSS connectivity
The DSS connectivity was re-implemented to use Java. When installing RiverWare, you are given the choice of whether to install the full package (with Java) or install only RiverWare (without the Java files).
Note:  To use the DSS Database DMIs, you must install RiverWare with Java.
Other than the installation, there should be no noticeable differences with the java implementation of the DSS connectivity.
Control File-Executable DMIs
Table row label import
A row label can now be imported along with the data into a table slot via a control file DMI. The label must be the first entry in the data file line for the row, and is recognized as a label when the number of items in the row is one more than the number of columns in the table. If there are spaces in the label, it must be surrounded by quotes to be recognized as a complete label item.
Control Files allow Quoted Values
DMI Control Files now support quoting of values, typically to embed spaces in file paths. For more information, see Control File in Data Management Interface (DMI).
BigRes.Pool Elevation: file="C:\Data\BigRes.Pool Elevation"
The DMI must be configured to allow spaces in file paths.
Revised: 08/02/2021