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Multiple Run Management
Distributed MRM
Batch mode
When a Distributed Multiple Run is executed from batch mode, the MRM controller no longer shows a user interface. If you still wish to show the user interface, use the --showui argument.
Environment Variables
The distributed MRM working directory and configuration file now allow the use of environment variables.
Iterative MRM
In the MRM Configuration dialog, on the Iterative Runs tab, the label Priority was changed to Index. Iterative MRM rules are not strictly prioritized like Rulebased Simulation Rules, but they are indexed for organization. See Index vs Priority to below
Ensembles in MRM
The capability to use ensembles as input and output was added to Multiple Run Management. A check box for using input ensembles now appears on the Input tab of the MRM Configuration dialog, which will add a new Ensembles tab to the dialog. You select input and output ensembles for use with the multiple run, and can choose particular traces for the input ensembles. The number of traces in input ensembles determine the number of runs in the multiple run.
Note:  In the initial implementation, only HDB datasets in Database DMIs will function as input ensembles. HDB datasets have a radio button to make the dataset an ensemble type, allowing you to select an ensemble from the HDB database to associate with the dataset. See Ensembles in Solution Approaches for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021