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Open Account Dialog
The Methods tab on the Open Account dialog now supports display of method categories in a default order. In this order, dependent categories/methods appear below the superior categories. A new Order menu appears below the list.
Water Rights Solver
Improved Performance
The following improvements were made to the Water Rights allocation solver for performance improvements:
• The copying of values to cloned accounts is limited to only those that are needed in the water rights solution.
• The equal priority water right algorithm does not solve for accounts with no demand.
• Diversion accounts solution mechanism was improved to not solve unnecessarily.
• Accounts are prevented from solving recursively.
In the test model (22 year daily planning model), the total run time was reduced by 45%.
Negative Flow Appropriation
You can now allow negative flows in the water rights solver. This includes a new category, Negative Flow Appropriation and method, Allow Negative Flows, on the passthrough account on reaches, reservoirs and control points. When this method is selected, a new slot Temp Available Before Appropriation is added. It tracks the available water before each right is visited. If there are negative flows, upstream allocations cannot make a downstream senior more negative, but doesn't try to fix the negatives. See Negative Flow Appropriation for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021